1. Summer Glacier Park Update

    Update: Jump line has been taken over by racing camp. Jib line is open for public with:

    • Shotgun Rail
    • Down Lift Tower
    • Flat Down Rail
    • Flat Rail
    • Wall Ride
    • Lift Down Tube

    Please come on up and visit, but please remember to pack lots of sunscreen and water. Ride double on the T-bar and please pack all your garbage and recycling out with you.
    See you up here!

    2 months ago

  2. !!!!!Spring Park!!!!!

    Welcome to the first day of Spring Park! Everyone else is closing the doors and cleaning up broken bamboo and we are just getting set up for a five week blast of some of the best park riding of the year.

    This year we have decided to try something a little different, with the Park extending all the way to the bottom of Solar Coaster Express. In an effort to make everyone’s experience on the hill better, we have opted to keep a park zone flowing to the bottom of the lift so riders don’t have to feel the heat of the Mt Safety Team after every lap and public skiing the hill won’t feel threatened by the scary kids in Thuggies.

    The plan is have a second Park zone start at Powerline (under the Solar Chair) and extend to the bottom with some banked slalom type features, enhanced side hits and possibly some heavy metal for grinding. This should make for a way-better day in the Park but please do your part to merge into this new Park with care and again at the bottom of Solar when encountering the skiing public.

    This new element will be in place as of today (April 22nd) and will continue until the end of spring Park. The halfpipe will be groomed until April 27th at which time it will be left to ride but not receive additional work with the cutter. The Terrain Garden (Small) line will be moved over to the bottom of Catskinner Bumps and will run down EZ Out to the bottom of Catskinner lift but will take a few days to get set up.

    Enjoy your spring riding; remember to check features before hitting them daily as they change every night. Have and please pack out your trash, snow melts, garbage doesn’t - Peace BF

    5 months ago

  3. We’ve got PIPE!

    Ok Park slayers after what has been one of the wackiest winters on record we finally got enough white gold together to build a pipe! After much consultation with park riders, national ski and snowboard teams, coaches and a cadre of old dudes we came to the conclusion that an 18’ ice ditch was the best option to offer. Come check it out and dust off those tranny tricks! See you at the drop-in. BF

    6 months ago

  4. Round To It

    My mom once gave me a piece of cardboard. I think it was the kind that comes under a frozen pizza, you know, the cardboard disc? She wrote on it with a Sharpie “Round To It” with a little blurb around the edge that said, “This is what you have been waiting for, now you can get all the little things done that you have been putting off until the time you get a round to it.” I pinned it on my wall (well actually it was her wall back then, I just used it while living at home like all parasite children, sucking the lifemoney out of their hosts).

    Why, dear reader, am I telling you this tale of procrasturbating? Well that round to it popped into my mind when someone asked me why I hadn’t done a Park update since last year!

    Here we go:

    Whistler Park is finally back in its regular footprint after a holiday in the valley. The Cougar line is in with a series of small jumps and boxes rolling down the left flank of the Park. The Chippy line is almost 100% back in with medium jibs and jumps rolling virtually top to bottom on the Emerald Chair. There are 25 features in the ground with more to come so come check out what the boys have been up to.

    On Blackcomb we have installed the Terrain Garden on the Big Easy run with mini jibs and jumps in a toned down family environment for the kids. Last weekend also saw the return of the snowcross track. The track is currently a shortened version due to snow but still offers some great rollers and banked turns to get your man on man grudge match racing on. Access the Cross via a groomed road under Solar Coaster.

    The Choker Park has seen a couple of its zones refitted after the North Face comp so check out the new flow and look for the new “Bullet Bill” features brought to you by Nintendo. The Grey Zone jump line got a rebuild and will have all four jumps in the 40’ to 50’ range back in play. The HL line will stay supersized with Shack, Chair, L3 and Kong running in the 60’+ range.

    Lord knows when I will get another round to it, so I will take this time to congratulate all of the skiers and snowboarders that made the Canadian Olympic Team for slopestyle, pipe and snowcross. We will be cheering hard for you, after all you are the fruits of our labors in the Parks. We built it, you came, you learned and now you will show the world what’s up! Best of luck. BF

    8 months ago

  5. Plan B

    Snowmaking is crucial to the WB Park operations. Without it, 22’ pipes and 80’ jumps would be impossible since the cubic meters of snow required to construct such behemoth features is staggering. To date some 60-80 million gallons of water has been turned to snow in the Blackcomb Park allowing us to build a solid 25 features including some big jumps in the 30-50’ range. By the middle of next week we will be offering up the Highest Level jump line with  four jumps in the +55’ range. (helmets mandatory on HL line)

    Sadly the Whistler Park is not equipped with snowmaking so construction of the Park has stalled somewhat. Enter Plan B, if you can’t bring snowmaking to the Park, then bring the Park to snowmaking! We are moving our entire Whistler operation down to Crabapple Run which is equipped with massive snowmaking potential. We have been building for a couple of days and should be open before Santa comes down your chimney. You can expect jumps and jibs in the XS to S-M range with some great flow. Keep your eye on the WB Social Media Channels for news on its opening.

    Merry Christmas,

    Brian and the Park Crew.

    9 months ago

  6. The clam before the storm

    I bet some people read the title of this and gave a mental, ha ha Finestone blew it, he meant to say Calm before the storm - but you would be wrong. I actualy meant Clam, as in the Geoduck (Pronounced Gooey-duck) Clam. That’s right a Park report about giant Pacific party clams. The Geoduck know how to party, they can live as long as 168 years and have a tongue 12 times longer than their body! Geoduck Clams sense big Pacific low pressure systems knowing the storm is going churn up some good eats, so they stick out their party tongues and rage during the storms. If that is not a recipe for a party then I don’t know what is.

    Right now out in the Pacific they are catching up on some sleep because any day now they are going to get that feeling and then it’s on, and when they party - we party!

    In the meantime we are making snow and it is sunny. Blackcomb is firing with 14 jibs and 4 jumps with changes coming for the weekend. Whistler Park is still small with 6 jibs getting refreshed constantly until we can move back down to our usual footprint and get the 27 jibs in the ground and build some jumps.

    The Holidays will be upon us pretty quick, so get some before it gets crazy in town. When it starts to storm stick out your tongue and party like a clam. See you in the Park. BF

    9 months ago

  7. Park Nation

    Hey Park riders here is a quick update on the state of the Park Nation at WB. Whistler continues to offer a six pack of jibs at the top of Emerald Express while snowmaking efforts take advantage of cold valley temps and work towards production of a ski-out to the valley. Once we get  more natural snow, we are primed to get the Whistler Park set up with a mix of old and new jibs for the season as well as some early season jump features.

     Blackcomb opens on November 28th and with the help of some added snowmaking fire power will offer a full Park on Choker. We will start dropping rails in the ground on the 25th and the goal is 8 to 12 jibs plus the drop-in jump, Shack Right and two other jumps spots. If the piles are as big as we think they are, we are hoping to make the aforementioned 25’ and 40’ respectively.

     The weather looks bluebird for the next little bit so come on up,  get those old tricks back and start stacking footage for your 2-14 edit. See you in the Park. BF

    10 months ago


    October  / November have to be the most painful months of the year. Last season is a distant memory and this season seems to come on so slowly you can feel your beard grow. The buyers’ guides are out, teasers and premiers for all of the shred flics are dropping, none of which make the waiting any easier. The old locals start to speculate on what the season will be like with big snow in their forecasts because of such things as the height above ground the wasps built their nests, the amount of pinecone litter the squirrels are making and my favorite, the quality of the salmon run this fall.

     Whatever happens, we will be ready. The plans for the Parks this winter are much like last year with all lines firing as soon as we can get them built. Our fleet of 90+ rails are all tuned up and staged on the hill and the snowmaking crew start blasting early next week. As usual we will have a small offering of rails for opening on Whistler with the plan to offer a bigger spread when Blackcomb switches on the following week (largely due to snowmaking availability).

    Being an Olympic year and with the inclusion of both Slopestyle  ski and snowboard in this iteration of the Games, we are excited to get our HL Park line setup for the Canada Snowboard national team for a training camp in early January. The team had a number of successful camps here last season and the jumps were perfect for dialing in their new tricks. The plentiful snow and coastal snow conditions will also mimic those of the Olympic venues. Come and check out our team live before they head off to do battle at the Games.

     In the meantime do some squats, tune some gear and grow that beard, we will be back in the Parks in (almost) no time! - BF

    11 months ago

  9. Thanks for a great winter and summer park season!

    The Horstman Glacier is now closed for summer skiing and riding, but don’t worry, it will be winter before you know it.  Official opening day for winter at Whistler Blackcomb is Nov 28th 2013.

    Be sure to check back here for Park updates as we wait for the snow to fall.

    1 year ago

  10. Public Jump Line Open

    We are happy to announce the development of an increased amount of Public Features available today for the 2013 Horstman Glacier Summer skiers and riders.

    In addition to our existing Jib Line, we have built 2 medium sized table top jumps which are sized 20’ in table length and marked as “Mediums” .  Additionally after these 2 new tables we have a gap to down rail  feature, marked as “Medium” in size.

    These new Park Features are located in Lane 4 Horstman, which is on the far sk. Left next to Camp of Champs fence line.  Please come on up and enjoy some new jumps…..hope to see you there.

    1 year ago